Colour Management

Colour Management goes hand in hand with Brand Management and colour accuracy and consistency are key to maintaining the brand.

Printers have long been at the forefront of image and colour technology but at Mascot Printing we take colour so seriously so that we have daily procedures in place to ensure our proofing and press systems comply with the ISO 12647-2 colour standard.

All colour work is accompanied to our presses with an ISO certified Epson hard copy proof and an electronic profile to ensure our printers have at their disposal accurate colour information for every print job. Soft proofs are created in conjunction with the latest Dainippon Screen technology for online or electronic approval. All soft and hard proofs are colour correct and content guaranteed.

Mascot Printing are proud to be able to offer both conventional line screen printing and Spekta screen (Stochastic) printing which is often specified by our photographic, fashion and textile customers.


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