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Online Print Management, as the name implies, this web based operational tool allows the centralised management of business and marketing print requirements from multiple locations and/or personnel.

The easy to use system allows us to create any number of print templates to enable any of your office/location/personnel to login, personalise templates and order online.

This is a service utilised by a number of our franchise and corporate clients due to the ease of use, consistent print quality, brand integrity, speed to market and ability to monitor expenditure by profit centre.

The print templates can be developed for both digital and offset items, the determining factor often being the quantity required. New templates created (after the initial set up & launch) can be completed in either static (no change to details) or variable (where data needs to be inserted for stores/location/contact etc)
Any new user/location would be added to the system, and provided with a guide, as well as telephone/onscreen training if required. Users can simply access the OPM with their unique Username and Password provided by Mascot Printing & OPM may be used in conjunction with www.printdirect.com.au
Mascot printing can generate and tailor a range of sales/activity reports via OPM, to enable you to track orders by location, value and product. That's easy cost management!
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